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AMP Stories are already beautiful, all we are doing is beautifying its creation process at MakeStories.

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AMP Seeds are planted

Our Founder, Pratik and Matt Mullenweg had a small chat about AMP & Gutenberg at WordCamp U.S. 2017.

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While world was discovering AMP,
we were preaching!

Pratik talks about AMP+Wordpress Websites at various WordCamps in the United States.

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Google Announces AMP Stories

Date: Feb 13, 2018

On this very day everything changed at PSD To Manythings! 1 week from then, all our focus moved from AMP WordPress to AMP Stories and we did start coding a few AMP Stories.

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Superpower to
code AMP Stories

We realised that building AMP Stories was not like building any other website and it needed some special skills to build one. That was a spark.

We had never in our lives worked on developing a design or coding or WYSIWYG tool!

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MakeStories is Born!

Date: Feb 26, 2018

An AMP Story creation tool built by Web Designers  & Developers for Designers & Developers who know what designers need while also knowing AMP HTML.

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And in the next 16 months, We launched the Swiss Army Knife of AMP Stories, an AMP Stories tool with 75+ features (now we are over 150!)

Where users could design stories faster is Launched!

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The day                    when MakeStories was featured              at Google I/O 

We launched MakeStories a year later at AMP      Conf on April 17th, 2019 in Tokyo. Adam Greenberg,   Head of AMP at Google gave us a Shout out at Google I/O, we still hold this moment dearly.

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Date: April 17 2019

quality team builds Quality products

- Pratik G. 

Makestories, Story so far…

Road ahead

We have lead the AMP revolution from the front, be it contributing to the AMP Git or being 1st in releasing all the latest updates to the AMP Web Stories format. We promise our users, we will keep giving you the best! :)