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Generic Benefits


Immersive, visual experience on mobile devices

With Web Stories, the publishers could offer their audience a visually appealing, tap-to-advance story on their mobile devices.

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Evergreen content

Web Stories content continually resurfaced and could be rediscovered via search and the Google Discover carousel. Content from traditional text stories could be repurposed for use in Web Stories.

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Brand uplift

Web Stories gave the publishers greater control over branding, traffic, and customer experience versus stories published on third-party platforms. With Web Stories, consumers interacted directly with the brand, enhancing their brand experience.

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Enhanced Customer Engagement

The publishers saw an increase in website traffic as new audiences discovered the Web Stories.
Consumers could discover Web Stories via search or the Google Discover carousel. Consumers spent
more time reading and completing Web Stories than traditional text stories.

New revenue sources

The publishers added advertising and affiliate links to their Web Stories to grow and diversify revenue.

Over 1 Billion people

Over 1 Billion people are using the Story format every day across the web or social apps


SEO Benefits

  • Discover (curated search) and Search (custom search)
  • Surface your content to people who are looking for
    your content
  • Full control and evergreen in nature as opposed to
    Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Twitter
  • Forever on Web unlike Social media stories where the
    median shelf life of the content is ~24 hours




  • Direct DFP Ads
  • Buy Now CTAs


  • Affiliate link
  • Widen the top of the marketing funnel
  • Additional Traffic to your website

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