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MakeStories Editor gives you freedom & ability to command every pixel, each story
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Exclusive Overall Features

Create stories you want to tell
in the way you want

Take customisation to completely new level with the best
user experience built-in collaboration.

WYSIWYG Drag & Drop editor

WYSIWYG Drag & Drop editor

Use the freestyle functionality to manage any number of shapes, media or text layers within your scenes.


Solo & Team workSpaces

Makestories can accommodate any number of users in one single team account for easy sharing & collaboration.


100+ delightful templates

Use one of the 100+ beautifully hand crated professional Templates to build your next Google Web Story.


Publish web story anywhere

SEAMLESSLY host and play GOOGLE WEB STORY ON YOUR custom domain, WORDPRESS or on our server etc.


Easy Automated Scheduling

Scheduling of your Google Web Story content in advance is well worth it. Save time and stay consistent across your networks.


Boost google Discovery

Get your Google Web Story ready for Google Discover with our advance publish settings & format compatibility checklist.

Feature List

Everything you need to build Web Story quickly and effectively

All Components Types


Multiple Backgrounds

Blending multiple backgrounds allow you to create impactful effects. Make your Google Web Story slide stand out.


Story Templates

Build your Google Web Stories quickly by starting off with one of our well designed templates. We have got one for every use case.


Unlimited Fonts

Choose from google typefaces with over 1000+ styles to fit with your brand look for your Google Web Stories or upload your own.


Image, Videos, gifs

Get access to free professional images, videos and gifs for all your Google Web Stories.


Free Graphics, Icons etc

Easily add and customize icons and graphics to your Google Web Stories by selecting graphics from the built-in elements.


Add Your Custom Audio

Add your custom music, Music will run in the background whenever the page loads.


Twitter Embed

Embedded Tweets bring your pick of content from Twitter into your Google Web Stories. An embedded Tweet includes photos, video etc


Quiz & Polls

add quiz & polls, this successfully engage audiences & obtain the lead information you need.

Design & Animation


Alignment & Distribution

Multiple objects can be aligned in slide or other objects. Distribution can be used to create even spacing between multiple objects.


Appearance Edits

Give creative touches while adding color, outline, shadow adjust opacity of the objects. Style you Google Web Stories with you brand.


Text Related edits

Personalize your text in your story with the style you want it to be. Set the mood of your story with text edits.


Image Masking

Crop image into a shape, graphic etc, either to cause the image to stand out on its own or to place the image over another object


Image Settings

Set images filters, overlays etc. use your creativity blend images and media to get Google Web Story tone as you want.


Media Filter

Set images filters, overlays etc. use your creativity blend images and media to get Google Web Story you want.


Preset Rulers

Efficiently Design your story using present rulers on all your Google Web Story slides maintaining design continuity through the Google Web Story.


On Click

Create call to actions in story slides to direct users to where you want. Add CTA button styles


Animation Effects

Liven Up Your Google Web Story With Slide and Component Animation. Choose from multiple effects like Fade, Twirl , Fly, Rotate, Whoosh, Drop, Zoom & more.


Animation Configuration

Set up animations sequences be it on load or after a certain object, set delays and a lot more.

Slide & Story Settings


Share Providers

You can add multiple social ids to your story this would help your user direct to your social channels


Publisher Settings

Setup publishing details to get more out of seo exposure and gain more viewers to your story


Auto Advance

Build an auto advancing story that gives the user a seamless experience without having to tap on every slide



Story page attachments (aka as Swipe Up Feature) allow you to provide additional content. This content can be revealed by users through a “swipe up” gesture.

More Features


Multiple Language

MakeStories editor is available in 8 languages with many more to come. Making the editing experience more personalised.


Reorder Slides

Reorder you Google Web Story slides and set the ideal flow for your Google Web Story. You can pick and choose slides while using our templates


Redo, Undo, Duplicate

Reverse and restore actions that have been previously undone on your Google Web Story slides.


Preview Story

Preview you story in editor and get into shoes of the your audiences before publishing Google Web Story

Media Library

Simplify content collaboration
across your team

Enjoy the freedom to access, edit, and share your media assets with your team.


Organize, search & manage

Easy and secure access to all of your Google Web Story content. Share, and collaborate on files and folders.


Explore free or Upload yours

With MakeStories, get access to 1 Million+ free professional images from Unsplash for all your Google Web Stories.


Setup media SEO

We help in giving name & alt text to your Media so that your content makes a difference for you.

Publishing Options

Publish your shiny new Story anywhere
you want (Literally!)

With MakeStories designing and making content changes are just a click away, no need to bug
engineers for your perfections.


Powerful SEO

Optimize your Google Web Stories for organic search. MakeStories come with an auto-generated sitemap as well as built-in SEO settings to create meta descriptions and image alt text.


Publish on Instagram

Publish on Instagram

Publish on WordPress

Make Google Web Stories on the web your very own, & immerse your wordPress web audiences


Save As Images

Export Google Web Story slides as images in a zip folder and uses them anywhere.


Create shortlink

Create short-link of story and share your story easily


Don’t just publish, learn
from actionable insights Coming Soon

Find out actionable insights using MakeStories Analytics

MakeStories Analytics allows you to quantify the effects of making a change to your marketing strategy invaluable to the process of improving and optimising your online marketing campaigns.

Collaborative Team workspace

Designed to Design together

MakeStories makes the story designing process transparent, which means everyone gets
aligned fast—and stays aligned.


Assign work

Invite peers and stakeholders to co-edit live
within the design.


Share Ideas

Your Brand assets are accessible for your organization and easy for you to manage.


Make decisions

Leave comments directly within the design, @Mention folks to notify or mark Resolved.

Premium templates

Choose from 100+ Templates


That’s not all folks!

We are the most preferred Story creation tool for users all around the world. Every day we work hard to bring in more features to make MakeStories more attractive for our customers.


You can create Web Stories in WordPress too!

Create beautiful stories with MakeStories WordPress plugin for free

Build your Google Web Story on your wordPress website using our Plugin without the need for any other technical resources & yes, it’s Gutenberg ready!

Leverage the capabilities of MakeStories plugin for WordPress to bring great experiences to your users!

Make your wordPress website super engaging

Quiz & Polls

Create and immersive & interactive experience

Make your web stories interactive with Quiz and poll feature

Engage and delight your audience with our Interactive Stories while you gain all the valuable insights with analytics.

Engage and delight your audience with our Interactive Stories while you gain all the valuable insights with analytics. Engage and delight your audience with our Interactive Stories while you gain all the valuable insights with analytics.

Know more about interactive stories

Schedule your story

Stay consistent & increate audience engagement

Schedule your Google Web Stories to reach the audience at right time

Scheduling your Google Web Story content is as simple as it gets. You can schedule in batches and publish without a hitch.

No time to post publish engagements? No problem. Edit story templates and publish them up for monthly schedule, where you get to focus on live audience engagement.

How about you try scheduling your next story now

Multiple Background

Add a new dimensions to your story backgrounds

Use multiple background feature to create delightful Google Web Stories

Work in layers in the design panel itself to add multiple backgrounds to your Google Web Story slide which creates delightful effects once both layers are blended by dropping transparency.

Time to excel your creative side with multiple background for your Google Web Story slide.

Try Multiple background in your next story

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