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Engage and delight your audience with our Interactive Web Stories while you gain all the valuable
insights with analytics.

A rich set of Interactive Web Stories experiences, such as quizzes, polls, and results in the Web Stories.

Create questions

Choose from our variety of question styles, including multiple choice, Yes or No. We Supports text, images & emoji too!


Get Responses

Combine multiple polls into a survey and collect input from your participants whilst they tap through your stories.


Analyze results

Know your visitors plus identify patterns and trends in your datasets with filtering and deep analytics on our dashboard.

Multiple types of Interactive Stories

Don’t just create Google Web Stories, create an immersive & interactive experience

Entertain & educate visitors with a quick quiz

Test your followers’ product knowledge and brand awareness with a quick, fun trivia challenge. Give users instant feedback, or share a final summary page with their results.

Use MakeStories Polls to find out what your audience thinks

Want to learn if your users prefer Android to iOS? If your event should serve coffee or tea? Or if your followers are dog or cat people? With MakeStories Polls, you can get more detailed responses and even learn more from your poll.

Harness the power of Interactive stories

Even more reasons to create interactive stories

Create Once, Use Twice

You can reuse your Quiz or Poll template as many times you want. Making creation process a cake walk.

Brand It Your Way

Maintaining the consistent look & feel builds trust. Our custom layouts and themes show your brand at its best.

Real-time Results

Results are updated in real-time, this means the moment a response goes through you will see the results updated without having to refresh the page.

Dive Deep Into Your Audience’s Insights

We compile your audience response after any activity on your story and reveal useful insights on our analytics dashboard making sure you get actionable data.

Get started with one of our
quiz & polls focused templates


Its Easy To Create

step 1

Choose your interactive story type, that fits best for
your goals

step 2

Add questions, Configure &
design your Quiz/Poll

step 3

Publish your story and get
live analytics for your
engaging story


The security of your data
is at the forefront of everything we do

  • Data that your audience will supply will only be used to provide the service for you.
  • Your collected survey data and contact lists will never be sold or shared with any other company
    (other than to provide the service or support.)
  • Any respondent contact details will never be marketed.
  • We take security seriously and use modern techniques like use pseudononimisation where possible.

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