Complete guide to create and host Google Web Stories on your Website

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The Google Web Stories format is widely available on the Discover tab of the native Google mobile app. It was used by 800 million people each month exclusively.

The Google Stories concept is developing rapidly and increasingly across Google’s search platforms.

Because Google is the first place where audiences learn about a product and meet their needs, most serious websites will undoubtedly implement Web Stories.

The Discover Stories carousel is presently available in the US, India, and Brazil. Web Stories expanded to new nations and Google products in the future.

That is big news for SEO experts, marketers, and content writers.

It moves to satisfy the demand for the most up-to-date consumption, as evidenced by the immersive story format is powered by AMP technology.

What are Google Web Stories?

Google web stories are a full-screen, immersive story concept developed by Google in response to the need to bring stories to the open Web.

It’s incredible to interact with stories. Easily tap on the stories in Google search, and it will open to a full-screen, immersive experience.

You have the option of clicking on a link in the story or swiping left or right to travel to the next page and Stories from other sources that are relevant to the topic you searched for in Google.

The good part is that Google Stories appear in Google results and placements.

This Web Stories tap-through format will give users a more engaging space for involvement, despite the quick tappable pattern that will increase your search engine presence. It provides viral distribution and monetisation analytics and bookend capabilities.

Yes, a web story resembles an Instagram story, but they are vastly different from other platform stories.

The benefits you get from practicing Google Web Stories are ultimately at the next level.

  1. Control and host Your own Google web Stories.
  2. Google stories reach a wider audience.
  3. Completely customised.

Benefits and features you get using MakeStories are:

  1. Zero coding
  2. Exceptionally adaptable
  3. Images, GIFs, and videos abound in this extensive stock resource
  4. Templates that have been customised and are ready to use
  5. Total command on the online story
  6. You can put them on whatever server you like
  7. Can be readily indexed and linked
  8. Supports Google Analytics is a tool that allows you to track
  9. resolutions are resizable and adaptable to any screen size
  10. By adding interactive elements to web stories, they can become live stories
  11. Support for different platforms’ integration
  12. Bookend settings and a variety of publication options
  13. Component and background setup of the highest quality
  14. Support Auto-Ads on the Internet
  15. Support Attachments to the page
  16. Buttons with CTAs
  17. Build bookends using the built-in bookend maker
  18. Configuration of simple elements
  19. Allows you to make your customised template set

It’s easy to create web stories using MakeStories!

MakeStories, a robust Web Stories builder with a drag-and-drop editor, is another way to create Google Web Stories for various web pages.

There are a lot of customisation choices in the Stories editor. You can animate any part of your Stories to enhance the overall experience. It also allows you to build Story Ads. (which are supported by Google Ad Manager and Google DV360) (Public Beta).

Follow these steps to get started with MakeStories:

  1. Make a MakeStories account by registering.
  2. Build the stories slides by clicking Create Story and using the settings.
  3. To see or share your stories, click View or Publish after you’re finished.

If you need more information on how to publish and create Google Web Stories for your WordPress Website remarkably, You can click here to see the official step-by-step tutorial.

MakeStories provides the following publishing options: export to zipping, publish through FTP, or to an onl. st short link, widget embedding, WordPress plugin, and HTML iFrame embeds.

Apart from this, MakeStories has its hosting services for Google Web Stories such as we all know. Your Google Web Stories require a home. MakeStories offers the most powerful, secure, and lightning-fast hosting service.

MakeStories hosting services control and spin up your web stories in your chosen server as soon as you click deploy.

It’s just a matter of seconds!

You can sign up for free and book a free demo on a call of 15 mins. With this, you can get your story carousel for your website.

How does it work?

You have to follow two simple steps to make it work for your site!

Create a Custom Domain

Once your server is up and running, you may point any dedicated subdomain or URL at it; the choice is yours.

Start uploading your Web Stories

Now all you have to do is press the publish button, and your content will appear on your domain! It’s that simple!

Below are the benefits of hosting you get from MakeStories hosting services!

1. Simple setup

Once your server is up and running, you may point your dedicated subdomain or URL at it; the choice is yours.

2. Scalable infrastructure

Choose from a variety of page templates tailored to specific industries.

3. Automated sitemaps for SEO

We rebuild your sitemap and transmit it to Google for indexing with each Google Web Story you post

4. Pay as you Go

All premium plans offer 1 TB of bandwidth. You just have to pay if you go beyond 1TB

5. Multiple publishing Channels

As and when needed, you can establish multiple folder structures.

6. Inbuilt CDN for faster delivery

The inbuilt CDN for quicker delivery offers good availability and performance by dynamically distributing service concerning end-users.

A worldwide network of 17 data centers backs up Stackpath’s powerful CDN.

Very soon, the whole process is functioning to be automated, where you can point your subdomain or reverse proxy from your account only.


It would be ideal if you explored this visual narrative technique at the very least using MakeStories.

So, develop your first Web Stories as soon as possible to see an increase in traffic, customer interaction, and improve your revenue capabilities in a flash.

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