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In a world full of stories, we are all storytellers! And Google built a stronger connection between humans and stories by coming up with such an incredible way of storytelling called Google Web Stories.

What are the Google web stories? You must have heard about Web stories before, or you have tried using them on various web spaces. Haven’t you? Let me tell you about what Web Stories are!

Web Stories are a tappable visual storytelling format, made especially for the web creators to create and host their content. However, it’s just so amazing what you can do with these Web Stories.

These web stories can be built in many forms, as the best-in-class possibilities are provided in tons of user-centric features. You just need to learn how rigorously you can use those features to build stories.

Google Web Stories are built in such a way by thinking of all responsive websites. It is the newest version of AMP stories. We can build and create Web Stories directly on WordPress websites without using any application.

Google Web Stories are immersive and provide full-screen experiences that you can host on your own website.

Enabling Web Stories on your website can give leverage to people to view them in a Google search, google images, or through the Google Discover App.

In addition to that, web stories allow you to own your content for a story that initially opens the door to various SEO opportunities.

What makes Google Web Stories important?

  • Web stories are another way to tell stories or ideas you would like to share with people in your own form of approach.
  • You get complete control over your stories in terms of Monetization or how long it stays online etc. in short you get a complete picture of ownership.
  • You can easily connect related content by linking them with your web story. This did mean that there are no restrictions for external linking.
  • Serves immense options to add blend videos on full screen, audio files, images, Animations, GIFS, etc into your Web Story.
  • To strengthen your Product branding, You can use them as a Branding tool
  • Fascinate the brand audiences by triggering next level sense of pitching in a way of short videos.
  • Web stories are specifically designed for all platforms and can be responsive to all available platforms.
  • Gives complete freedom to apply the cross-channel approach to sales that seeks to provide a seamless user experience without a confined ecosystem.
  • Allows various businesses and content creators to integrate best web stories SEO practices by creating engaging content.
  • From content, visuals, approach to design there’s no restriction to choose. You are allowed to create fully customized web stories.

Apart from this, few game-changing aspects also play an important role in the creation of web stories that do increase the value of each web story on the open web.

Game-changing Aspects of Web Stories

  1. The first and most important aspect is that it is a unique and most interesting way for users to find you on the web space. It’s another way to make your SEO game stronger with remarkable components that drive your site traffic
  2. Google web stories can be integrated with Google Adwords and other Ad opportunities. This could be a good option for many brands to step further to break the marketing clutter
  3. Being a seeker, we humans love scrolling through things that build interest in our minds. And by finding what your viewers looking for and sharing dynamic and beautiful visual content on that thing is challenging and fun for your viewers
  4. Creating web stories can be fun, not for everyone but a lot of people find it enjoyable while creating
    web stories. That drag-drop option makes your designing task more compelling.

So these points are good enough to make web stories important for right now and for the near future as well.

These aspects are another milestone achieved by Google for storytelling. Whether it’s a brand or any product or any service, web stories are ideal for all types of users, business entrepreneurs, and web creators.

There are several web story builders that have come up in the market to establish their stand stronger!
Check out the most popular web stories builder mentioned below.

There are a few prerequisites one must have, before creating Google Web Stories.

  1. Basic knowledge of CSS, HTML, JavaScript.
  2. Understanding of AMP coding, AMP Stories.

You won’t be able to create web stories if you aren’t aware of the above technical knowledge. They are must-have skills to build Google web stories.

Once you’re done with AMP coding, AMP validation is something that is very crucial for Google web stories.

AMP validation

AMP validation is important because web stories are built with AMP technology. One should be aware that his AMP HTML is correct and to keep your web stories pages free from errors, AMP validation is a must. Also, AMP validated web stories get a higher rank on a Google search engine.

There are several ways to validate your web stories, a few of them are mentioned below.

  • Browser developer console.
  • Web interface.
  • Browser extension.
  • NPM packages for CI.
  • Command-line tool.

These are a few techniques to validate your web stories. For a detailed AMP validation guide, please read the article here.

You can also see a video on how to Validate and Debug AMP pages on the official The AMP Channel of YouTube channel.

From building web stories to validating them on AMP, this complete procedure of making final web stories is very lengthy and a bit complicated that takes multiple hours to complete an individual Google web story.

Sometimes you do find errors in AMP validation. So you have to make it free from errors, which initially makes the process more time-consuming.

Well, if you’re using MakeStories for building web stories, it will hardly take a couple of minutes without any coding and validation.

This is something big and unbelievable for web creators or web stories users as it saves their time and energy as well.

Apart from that, you will get ready-made customized design templates, your own workspace, MakeStories WordPress Plugin, MakeStories mobile application, background animations, and other incredible features.

In terms of pricing and monetization, MakeStories is completely free for now and more than 20k+ people are using MakeStories globally.

From the above-mentioned web story creation tools, MakeStories is our favorite Web Story builder, featured by Google. So let’s dive deep into this amazing web story creation tool.

MakeStories is a popular web story builder, where you can get a whole of things in just one tool, like tons of features, multi-task functionality, integrations, customizations, advanced pre-built templates, full-time support, and a lot more that works wonders for web creators.

It is one of the simplest and most likable web story creation tools. Once you get a good hold of it, it will be so easy for you to build web stories.

MakeStories helps non-coders to build web stories without writing code like never before. You will get a complete editing interface while using MakeStories for creating web stories.

Every user can create web stories at scale with no knowledge of coding!

With this story creation tool, you can build a web story within15 minutes! Yes, you can, you definitely can produce a web story within 15 depending upon the nature of the web story.

MakeStories creators aim to allow users to build a web story at a record-breaking speed of 15 mins.

Just make sure about the things below and you’re good to go ahead to building your Web Stories in a couple of hours!

How to create Google Web Stories?

  1. First, keep in mind that you have to be clear about what your stories need to be seen and convey to the viewers. In other words, Research about what people will want to see and hear from your Web Stories.
  2. Give life to your story. This means that once you are done with research and analysis of your viewers, use your own method of storytelling that does include editing and customizations of the Web Story.
  3. Prepare a web story for publishing and sharing. When you’re finally happy with the story you built, publish it on your website that automatically generates a shareable link of your web story just like you did it for blog posts.

The whole process from preparing stories to publishing usually takes a periodic time of 2-3 hours to produce an outstanding web story.

Editor of the MakeStories allows users to create AMP stories and leverage features offered by the AMP stories framework.

MakeStories Features includes:

  1. No coding
  2. Highly Customizable
  3. A rich stock library filled with images GIFs and videos
  4. Customized readymade Templates
  5. Complete control over web story
  6. You can host them on your own choice of server
  7. Can get indexed and easily get linked
  8. Supports Google Analytics
  9. Resizable and adaptable to any screen size for mobile resolutions
  10. Web stories can become live stories by adding interactive components
  11. Support integration with multiple platforms
  12. Bookend settings and various publishing possibilities
  13. Finest Component configurations & Background configurations
  14. Web story Auto-Ads
  15. Page attachments
  16. CTA buttons
  17. Inbuilt bookend builder
  18. Simple element configuration
  19. Allow you to create your own set of templates from scratch

Check this video to understand better about MakeStories in just a few seconds!

In addition to that, you can export all your stories and integrate them with WordPress too. Also, by using FTP access, you can transfer web stories to your website.

MakeStories is free for now with all available features! Users are allowed to use all features. So come and grab the opportunity of making incredible web stories and be an active user of MakeStories!

Along with MakeStories Editor, the MakeStories team has also built a Plugin called MakeStories WordPress Plugin for WordPress users.

All the features of the MakeStories editor are also featured in the MakeStories WordPress Plugin that you can apply straight into your WordPress website.

If you’re looking to get the best user experience then MakeStories is arguably the best Web story tool till time.
MakeStories plugin has been used by more than 20k people including some of the biggest publishers.

One of the biggest publishers like BMW, Vogue, NDTV, USAToday, GQ, Loreal, Logitech, Panasonic, Columbia, HubSpot, and many others are using MakeStories for the branding of their Products!

There’s something in the MakeStories that encourages these big brands!

For more information regarding MakeStories Plugin Setup and Installation guide, Read the article here.

MakeStories offers a wider scope to build web stories in WordPress. You will find various element setup, customization options, able to build a web story directly on a WordPress dashboard and so many exciting things.

Just have a closer look at a complete Guide to web stories on WordPress using MakeStories, in the article here.

MakeStories team has already released the MakeStories 1.0 and MakeStories 2.0 versions to date. Weekly and Monthly updates of MakeStories editor features are regularly maintained by the team.

The team is looking forward to releasing more user-centric features in the coming future! They will try to provide more native support to ease the go-to-market.

MakeStories team follows the process that tries to balance the hosting and creation of web stories in a way that nobody could have ever done! So keep using MakeStories and build beautiful Web Stories.

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