Interactive content ideas to engage your audience

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Looking for a way to make your website more interactive. You might have been thinking about using some sort of quiz, but not sure if that is the best approach or even possible?

Of course, content should be both creative and interactive!

Well, first off you need a good idea!

That’s right, it doesn’t matter how great your design or layout skills maybe if there isn’t an interesting concept behind your website or digital marketing campaign.

If you don’t have a unique angle on something then chances are people won’t want to read about it. You can use social media sites like Facebook and Twitter to get feedback from friends and family before creating any new content.

This will help ensure that your audience has enough interest in whatever topic you’re writing about so they’ll actually stick around long enough to see more.

Using interactive stuff to drive interaction and mix up your standard posting approach is a fantastic way to do both.

Interactive content engages your audience, boosts click-throughs, and gives you more possibilities to educate and entertain your audience.

Why is it important to be interactive?

Based on user experience studies and our findings from previous engagements, we discovered that consumers are more inclined to engage with and consume content when it is presented in a pleasant and engaging way.

Interactive content is not only more visually appealing, but it also minimizes the quantity of information your viewers must comprehend at one time.

So we use these tactics to promote more interactions and content engagement in the audience! Let’s discuss them in detail below!

1. Quizzes / Polls

Quizzes can be entertaining or useful in determining where your audience stands, which can lead to an opportunity for you to sell your product or service.

They can assist you in delving into the minds of your target audience and producing twice as much data.

Examine your text for a statistic, a key takeaway, or a data-filled chart that you can incorporate into an engaging quiz.

An essential remark can simply be turned into a true or false quiz. And if there’s any long chart of information, divide the information into different questions.

Another advantage of polls and quizzes is that they demonstrate to your audience that the conversation is two-way and that you value their input.

2. Image transitions

Transitions are animated changes between two slides or more. The image transitions component can make smooth and immersive transitions between the slides in your web story.

You can pan and zoom across the background images by using this transition component. Even, possibilities are high to build beautiful parallax effects by using transitions.

This interaction with the audience is so immersive and engaging that a viewer cannot resist leaving a story in between.

3. Immersive 360 video

360 video allows you to include 360-degree immersive photographs or video in your Stories. With the gyroscope sensor in your mobile device, you can either guide the user’s perspective through crucial locations or allow them to control to explore.

4. Multiple choice posts

Web stories allow you to provide multiple choices of posts by providing multiple slides for an individual story.

Multiple choice posts can be entertaining when you get an opportunity to represent your business in all different aspects of marketing.

Every visual represent a distinct option for your audience to choose from; you can use this strategy to allow them to assist you in selecting your next product or service. Because you’ll effectively be giving people what they want, you’ll engage them, gain their feedback, and generate more sales.

5. Appealing infographics

These are a little expensive to make, but they can be a lot of fun for your audience to connect with.
Hover pop-ups or click-throughs to other landing pages, quizzes, supplemental content, and more can be included in interactive infographics.

They can be a wonderful way to educate your audience about your business or product. An infographic with calls to action or amusing pop-up facts fits a lot of information into a small space. You can utilize snippets from the infographic or develop fresh user-generated content using the data in the infographic to promote them on social media, with a call to action to direct traffic.


These are some of the best ways to interact with your audience by using web stories and interactively representing your product or service to boost engagement.

When it comes to establishing social media exposure, engagement is becoming increasingly vital. Hopefully, these interactive content ideas have inspired you to consider how you may implement similar ideas into your workflow by using Google web stories.

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