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Thinking of Considering Google web stories for your website?

Web stories builders are the best way to build engaging Web Stories without any development skills.

These Web Stories tools help you to design eye-catching Web Stories for your target audiences. It also improves your presence in the Google search engine.

Have you ever wondered, which Web Story builder is the best for you? For your businesses?

In this article, we’re going to talk about the industry’s most popular Web stories builder on the go-to market.

Check out these amazing Web Stories creation tools mentioned below.

1. MakeStories

MakeStories is the most popular web builder with so many user-friendly features.

Free images, Gifs, Videos, illustrations, stickers, various shapes, gradients, templates and so much more to get you started.

Drag-drop design interface, creative animation effects like text animations and background animations, auto animations, and various background effects allows you to create a stand-out web story for your WordPress site.

Various background effects such as color, gradient, texture, and Scrim overlay floats your web stories on a different level.

They do have multiple options for adding up interactive elements in your web stories such as Yes/No Poll, Embed Twitter tweet, Quizzes, Polls, and the addition of audio files in each slide or choice of your slide.

MakeStories does allow you to build your templates from scratch. MakeStories is a multilingual Web Story builder that supports seven different languages.

You can host your own Web Stories by using MakeStories web hosting support. You can have your web space where you can share your stories with team members directly.

MakeStories editor, MakeStories WordPress plugin, and soon MakeStories Lite – the industry’s first mobile application coming up for building web stories on mobile devices.

If you just want to explore it, take a quick tour to makeStories editor by signing up or creating a MakeStories account. You just need to log in to the MakeStories editor and click on the “Show Me Around” tab situated down to the left corner.

MakeStories is the lightest and one of the advanced options available for building Google Web Stories.

2. Google WordPress Plugin

Google Web Stories WordPress plugin allows you to create stories within your WordPress website’s CMS.

It is a free, visually narrative storytelling format available to build engaging and tappable stories interaction on the open web.

They have a WordPress media library along with access to hundreds of template designs. For a WordPress site user, this plugin may be the seamless solution that allows you to publish stories right to your website.

Customizable color backgrounds, text style presets, various interactive elements and a lot more to get started with this web stories WordPress plugin.

3. Newsroom AI

Newsroom AI allows you to build Google Web Stories without any charges. They offer so many features with the free version.

You can easily embed your stories on the website with a free version. They do allow you to get your analytics reports with Analytics features.

You just need to set up your account by using your Google account and you can start creating your stories by clicking on the “create story.”

When you switch to create a story, Newsroom AI allows you to choose different templates, choice of photos, texts, and videos with limitless design options.

They do have a paid version in which you are allowed to leverage Google ads for yourself. Apart from this, you get access to the editorial Getty images and Getty videos.

4. StoryFiMe

StoryFiMe is an all-in-one Web Stories builder used popularly by E-commerce, Marketers, and publishers.
Whether you’re a brand or an individual, you can freely use this interactive web story creation tool.

StoryFiMe allows you to sell, create funnels, mobile landing pages, and create wonderful storytelling of your brand. They help differentiate individual customers by providing tailored content or personalized services as per the individual needs. This is a game-changer approach offered by StoryFiMe to delight their customers.

Provide unstoppable experience by giving various distribution visual mobile experiences on websites, social media embeds, QR codes, google search results, or anywhere, they allow you to share your stories anywhere.

You can get powerful insights with a built-in Analytics tracker. It will help you to interact with your customers easily and effectively

5. Ampstore

Another popular Web Story creation tool that allows you to build web pages likewise web stories.

Optimized for mobile content, zero-coding requirements, webpage integration, and so many interactive features to get started with.

They have pre-built templates, free stock images, and drag-drop capabilities to drop images, videos, gifs, CTA tabs, etc on the canvas.

They have special stories plans for professional web creators and SEO professionals which can be canceled anytime if professionals aren’t needed anymore.

Several text elements, background elements, SEO opportunities to build your brand or site, autoplay features, backup of previous contents, trackpad support and so many updates have already been released and others are still on the way to get released soon.


So these are the top most popular Web Stories builders. Create and share your stories by using these Web Stories builders and grow your digital presence.

Adding videos in stories can significantly engage more audiences and build trust within your customers.

If you need any help in making your Web Stories, let us know, we will be happy to help you!

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