What are Google Web Stories and why you should use them in 2021/before it’s too late!

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Introduction to Google Web Stories

If you guys are here to ask me what are the Google Web Stories? Why should you use them? Then let me tell you guys that,

Web Stories are something newer that Google is offering!

What are Google Web Stories?

Google Web Stories is a new way to create and share interactive, animated storyboards for the web. It’s like an online version of Adobe Flash or PowerPoint that you can use in your browser without having to download any software.

You’ll be able to add photos, videos, text, shapes, music, animations, transitions, and more. Google also says it will support the latest versions of HTML so you won’t need to worry about compatibility issues on older browsers.

Google has been pushing the idea of using Google Web Stories for a while now, and it’s finally starting to catch on. It’s an interesting concept that allows users to create their own story in which they can add pictures and videos as well as text.

The best thing about this is that all these elements are stored online so if someone wants to read your story later or share it with others they don’t have to download anything. They can read, share, and create Stories anytime they want.

These Web Stories are mobile-friendly or mobile optimized so we people see them on mobile when we’re searching for anything.

If you search for travel stories like places to visit in New York in Google search on your phone, then it shows you stories related to your search at the top of your google discover search results.

Google pushes stories out related to your search on top of the search results in your phone search.

Why should you use Google Web Stories?

If someone is looking for anything, Google will show a story even if your post, page, or site doesn’t rank first on Google, and if your story shows up that is automatically giving you a kind of leg up on traffic.

Web Stories are a really good way to show up on a Google discover to kind of get boosted into the top tier. This will lead to people seeing your site and seeing your information more.

So further, we will show you a sample of a story that we have created for —–

This is what it looks like on a desktop. But on a mobile device, of course, it will look more mobile-friendly.

When you view this on a mobile device, you’ll notice that the cover image automatically scrolls through, moves through and that there’s an opportunity to swipe up, which leads them to the whole story walkthrough. In which you get to see good information, valuable information about your search.

Again, you will most likely see CTA buttons in the Swipe up tab, where additional information is available in detail for a better understanding of your search

These Web Stories can be monetized with ads, so this is another good way to boost your ad income and it’s a really good way to just kind of show up on Google discover.

Start building stories for your product or services and see a steady increase in organic search traffic.

You can see, in the above pictures, Google rewarding these sites that have represented their brand using Web Stories.

So not only did the clients get traffic from the stories and the swipe-ups of the stories but also doubled the amount of traffic and ad income from Google from Web Stories.

There’s a lot of different reasons to be using these for your business and your website. We’ve seen many of our clients gain traffic, not on just Google Web Stories but actual people clicking from the google story to their site within a day. That’s an addition to this we have seen across other sites so there’s a lot of reasoning behind using it.

The other thing is that the bounce rates on these are lower because people are searching for what they’re being shown stories for.

So it’s already an engaged audience. People use affiliate links within them, affiliate links for clients to increase their revenue.

You have to be consistent in publishing stories before you start to see Google is pushing and rewarding traffic. After that, it continues to be up and down, so it’s not like a steady stream of increasing traffic but it can be volatile.

Web Stories offer a slew of extra advantages in addition to massive lead generation potential.

They perform well on the web and in terms of user engagement, proving to be a cutting-edge content format that is bound to take over the internet.

Before it’s too late, let’s have a look at other benefits you get while creating Google Web Stories for your business.

  • Fast loading web pages
  • Mobile-first approach
  • Highly effective for your business in terms of engagement
  • Search engine friendly
  • Monetization opportunities
  • Visually rich and appealing to your mind

You can remove text-heavy content and engage your readers with colorful images, compelling animations, and videos using the Web Stories format.

Stories appear to be very different from standard web pages as a result of this. Because readers prefer visuals over words, visually rich Web Stories are ideal for them.

Users have shifted from desktop to mobile in recent years. Web Stories are designed to work on mobile devices.

Web stories are full-screen and tap-through, allowing users to immerse themselves in the experience. They’re designed for mobile, but they look great on any device.


So there’s no way to say NO to Google Web Stories!

It’s better to use Web Stories in 2021 for your business before your competitor’s site gets rewarded by Google.

These Web Stories are not at all harmful in any way, so start exploring them.

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