Why are Marketers including Google Web Stories in their Content Strategy?

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Brands now depend heavily on visual storytelling to engage with modern consumers. Marketers are incorporating visual storytelling into their content strategies in a variety of ways. Be it through high-quality images, mesmerizing infographics or crafted videos. With storytelling, you can create relatable content that strengthens your brand’s ethos.

A study by IMPACT suggests that over 80% of internet users search the web on their mobile phones. This is one of the reasons why visual storytelling is essential in the mobile format. There are many forms of visual storytelling on mobile. One in particular is winning over marketers: Google Web Stories!

Google Web Stories – a quick introduction

Google Web Stories, formerly known as AMP Stories, are one of the best forms of storytelling on Google.

Like stories on Instagram and Facebook or YouTube Shorts, web stories are made with the intent of creating an immersive experience while having complete ownership of content

Publishers can increase readership while maintaining their brand identity and generating revenue via Web Stories. It gives you the advantage of reaching out to over 8 billion users accessing Google Search, Discover or Images.

MakeStories, a free web story editor, helps you create, monetize and publish web stories all on one platform. You can learn more about it here.

Why Google Web Stories should be a part of your marketing strategy in 2022?

Let’s take you through how Web Stories can help you in your marketing campaigns.

  • Brands have received an added revenue of $132,000 with net-new website traffic driven by web stories
  • Organizations have generated ad revenue worth $410,000 through web stories monetization
  • Organizations have raised over $60,000 from affiliate links added to their web stories
  • Brands have seen a 90% increase in customer engagement with web stories
  • This resulted in a 17.2% increase in the click-through rate
  • The cost to reward ratio is also encouraging
    • (Source: Forrester Research July 2021)

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      This makes sure you meet all the necessary SEO criteria to help rank your web stories on Google. Vogue, one of MakeStories top publishers, has seen an 18% boost in organic traffic since they started publishing web stories!

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