Why creating a Google Web Story with shorter videos can boost campaign performance?

Aug 5, 2022 | , read

Why-creating-a Google-Web-Story-with-shorter-videos-can-boost-campaign-performance

More than ever, marketers are using the multi-channel marketing approach to carry out a successful campaign. The creation of creative content is a key component of any campaign’s success.

According to a study conducted by Havas, 84% of consumers expect brands to create unique content. People desire information that engages them through storytelling, offers practical solutions, and entertains them. They want to be able to digest this information as quickly as possible in addition to it being engaging. With higher levels of user engagement, improved SEO results and an increase in ROI, marketers are convinced that Short Form Videos are the future.

Short form videos are essentially creative videos made within a 60 second time frame. Aside from the duration of such short videos, the trend and culture are other factors that make them more appealing and cost-effective. Because of this, 87% of marketers are using and actively investing in short form video content when developing their campaigns.

Social media is used by 4.62 billion people daily and Google is used by 8.5 billion people daily. To expand your brand reach on Google, Web Stories are the way to go.

The best tool to produce and publish both Web Stories and short form videos is MakeStories, a well-known online web story editor. It is a free Web Story creator, built-in with templates, video libraries and SEO optimization.

In case you don’t know what a Web Story is, here is a quick reference for you.

What is a Google Web Story?

A web story is a relatively new content format available on Google. It is a series of tappable or swipeable cards that fit the mobile format. They are displayed on Google Search, Google Discover and Google Images. Web Stories can have a variety of visual elements, including texts, images, and videos. Click here to learn more about Google Web Stories and its advantages.

Best Practices for Web Story Video Content

  1. Size: Web Story video content should not be above 4MB in size. Web Stories are meant to be consumed quickly for which they must load quickly as well. Video sizes upto 4MB can comfortably be viewed on web stories.
  2. Duration: Web Story video duration is recommended between 30 to 60 seconds for captive viewing.
  3. Vertical Videos: Web Stories are made for mobile. Video content in the portrait or vertical orientation in the aspect ratio of 16:9 is ideal for viewer satisfaction and ease.
  4. Video Format: MP4 video format is compatible with all platforms and browsers that host Web Stories.

MakeStories for Short-Form Videos

MakeStories has all the required video editing tools to help you improve your videos for social media, whether it be a behind-the-scenes video, a product promotion, or a human first contact. The video tools available are:

  1. Adding your own Video file – Go to your MakeStories dashboard and select Create a New Story. Add all the information that is requested. On your left, click Media Library. Use the Add New Media option to accomplish this. You can do this to add a video URL or upload an existing video file.
  2. Access Pre Filmed Videos – MakeStories offers you a wide selection of free videos to pick from if you have a concept in mind but don’t yet have a ready-made video. These videos are powered by Pexels. If you have a registered account, you even have the choice of integrating Getty Media for videos.
  3. Select Frame – Once you have uploaded your video, you can use MakeStories’ multiple features to enhance your video. Before you publish, it also allows you to select a frame from your existing video as your cover image.

MakeStories for Web Stories

MakeStories is an online platform to create, edit and monetize Web Stories. With MakeStories you can directly publish your Web Stories to your website while ensuring they are SEO Optimized. Learn more about creating web stories with MakeStories here.

Related Questions

What is the maximum video file size for Web Stories?

Web Story video content should not be above 4MB in size so it can load fast.

What is the aspect ratio for Web Story videos?

Web Stories Video content in the portrait or vertical orientation in the aspect ratio of 16:9 is ideal for viewer satisfaction.

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