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Google Web Stories has created a big impact in the organic marketing world. A large number of businesses have begun experimenting with Web Stories. This is due to compelling storytelling becoming the order of the day. Many publications are using it in their marketing strategy to keep audiences hooked. They include the likes of USA Today, ELLE, People Magazine etc.

A brand consistent on Instagram and Facebook might see high engagement from users. We would recommend exploring Web Stories to multiply the effect.

There are several benefits that Google Web Stories can add to your brand.

1. Your Web Stories are YOURS!

On adopting Google Web Stories there are no constraints on how creative you can be. Customizing content and design to target ideal consumer profiles is key. The use of interactive fonts, images, videos and illustrations is important. This helps to create an immersive experience for your user. You can even add tailored Call-To-Action buttons to help with conversions.

You can create, edit, and publish your stories to your website. You can even publish them to your social accounts using tools like MakeStories. If you don’t own a website, MakeStories provides you with a solution to host Stories on their platform. Learn more here.


2. Not Time-Bound

Stories posted on Instagram and Facebook are visible only for 24 hours. Web stories last as long as your web page exists. You get to decide the duration. Another simple feature that comes with Web Stories is its manual scrollability. Users can tap to the next card when they’re ready or as the creator, you can set an automated time for it too.

3. Reaches a wider audience than social media

Content creation is very competitive today and one of the key objectives is to have a large reach. There is no comparison between social media and the web when it comes to reach. Unlike social media, the web can help you generate brand awareness by the billions. Google Web Stories aids inbound marketing efforts. Google shows Web Stories to users looking for your specific product/service.

4. Faster Page Loading

Two important factors keep your user engaged – quality content and page load time. Stories on the web use AMP technology which helps in faster page loading. This allows your content to reach the customer faster, resulting in more conversions. When website pages load faster, Google accounts for this in its algorithm. This aids in ranking your page higher on search engine results.

5. Boost Your SEO with easy indexing

Google Web Stories on MakeStories come with SEO privileges. If implemented well with your SEO strategy it can give your brand an upper hand in online visibility. Without any effort, indexing your stories is easy. This can help rank your story on top of the Google search. Every Web Story has a unique URL targeting specific keywords to help them rank on Google. To know where Web Stories appear on Google, click here.

6. Monetize Web Stories

Creating stories for the web is an engaging way to interact with your users. It is also a great source of revenue generation. You are can receive all the ad income generated by hosting adverts on web stories. Google recently introduced a programmatic ads solution via AdSense and Ad Manager. This helps to track your story adverts. To learn more about how to monetize web stories, click here.

7. Track with Google Analytics

Using Google Analytics is an integral part of building your marketing strategy. Connecting every web page with Google Analytics helps in tracking each page’s performance. The integration of Google Web Stories with Google Analytics is easy with one click. Web Stories can serve as a designated web page to track their performance. MakeStories provides a secure solution for businesses without a website. They can host Web Stories on their platform. Integrating Google Analytics through your MakeStories account is an easy process.

8. Real-Time Notification to Users

There is a ‘live story’ attribute on a Web Story. Adding a new page sends out real-time notifications to users. This feature is particularly useful for brands announcing new developments and breaking news.


Using Google Web Stories for your brand can offer many benefits. As a brand, you have complete ownership of the content and creativity. There are no restrictions posed by third parties. Stories on the web have a longer shelf life than stories on social media. They also help you reach a wider audience on the web.

AMP technology is behind creating these stories. This makes them load faster on mobile enhancing the user experience. You can even generate revenue from stories and every penny earned is 100% yours. Easy indexing and ranking on Google search add yet another advantage. You can also track the performance of your stories with Google Analytics.

MakeStories helps creators use its simple features to build immersive content. It also makes it easy to publish on the publisher’s website or social media platforms. To create your first web story, click here.

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