Top 5 Blogging Industries that must create Google Web Stories with MakeStories

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What began as an online diary in 1994, eventually became a profession estimated to become a $417.85 billion global industry by 2025. That’s blogging for you.

According to Hosting Tribunal, there are over 600 million blogs across 1.9 billion websites on the web today. Blogging became an outlet for individuals of any age to have conversations and share opinions about their life, work or passion. The evolution of blogging made it a lucrative option for anyone to pursue it part-time or full-time. The more popular your blog, the more opportunities land at your doorstep.

But did you know that getting organic traffic to a blog is one of the major obstacles most bloggers face? 90.63% of pages receive no organic search traffic from Google, according to Ahrefs. To acquire high organic traffic, years may pass. We’ve all heard that a blogging journey will be successful only if you post frequently, create engaging content and build brand awareness. Majority of serious bloggers and brands with content marketing teams ensure they do their best to drive inbound traffic through various tools. But the latest tool, pleasantly surprising bloggers with high traffic is Google Web Stories. Here’s why

With Google Web Stories bloggers can:

  • Reach a wider audience as the content shows up Google Discover, Search and Images
  • Drive organic traffic to their blog/website
  • Repurpose their existing written content and push it out to new audiences,

And so much more! Click on the link to read more about the benefits of Google Web Stories for bloggers. If you are a blogger looking to drive more organic traffic, get a new perspective on content creation or generally looking to explore Google Web Stories for your blog, you are at the right place!

Leading web story editor MakeStories is here to assist you in doing just that. No matter what industry you work in, MakeStories can help you create web stories for your brand, website or company. You can use the tool to edit and produce web stories using your photos and videos, as well as to publish them directly to your website. MakeStories offers you a great way to host your stories if you don’t have a website by letting you use their secure platform.

Here are the top 5 blogging industries that must consider creating Web Stories

1. Travel Blogs

MakeStories offers a simple Tag location tool that can be added to your photographs or web stories with just one click. This makes your story interactive and useful. The user can enjoy your travel web story and directly click to the location, hotel or restaurant you visited. By adding a location tag, your stories will also show up for users searching the location on Google, they may be planning a trip or looking for travel inspiration.

2. Food Blogs

Food Bloggers, web stories are perfect for you. Food Bloggers can easily take their audiences on a journey of cooking, tasting or reviewing food. With MakeStories’ simple image and video editing features, you can show off your food photography and videography. Utilizing MakeStories’ array of filters, you can alter your food photography. You must also add an image alt text to every image you use in your web stories.

3. News/Current Events Blogs

New Publications have been the proven early adopters of the Web Stories phenomenon. They have been able to increase their readership and traffic to websites in the double digits in just a few weeks. Sharing the news or information about current affairs in a bite-sized format has fit in very comfortably with online user behaviour. If you are a blogger in a similar field, if you do share news, current affairs, news analysis you must use Web Stories. There are audiences ready and waiting to find your content. MakeStories has very easy-to-use SEO settings built in to the platform too. Learn more about it here.

3. Health and Fitness

Users are constantly striving to improve their health and fitness. Fitness bloggers may already be creating content on other platforms, now you can repurpose the same content and open it out the world wide web. Bloggers can edit their content using the MakeStories health and fitness templates. MakeStories’s media library can offer you premium images or videos for free to make your web stories appear more professional.

4. Fashion and Beauty Blogs

Another popular blogging industry is the fashion and beauty industry. Users looking for fashion content, love flipping through latest trends, fashion tips and red carpet looks. If you have a fashion blog serving stylish looks, do’s and don’ts, reviews or you have your own fashion or beauty brand. Use Web Stories to reach larger audiences from across the globe. You can directly tag the link to purchase your product on each story slide. MakeStories provides an easy option to add a link. You can update the URL of the product page in the CTA settings. A CTA cannot be added to your cover page. To know more about what a cover page is in a web story, click here.

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