Web Stories – Is it Worth It?

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Are Web Stories worth making?

Google Web Stories are the next big thing but I’m wondering if it’s worth your time?

Sure it looks appealing and coming to the Google search results and Google does release a plugin for WordPress that allows you to make these stories.

Even third-party plugins are also available such as MakeStories, StoryfiMe, Newsroom AI, and many more Web Stories builders are highly popular and used by many web creators

Let’s see, if it’s worth your time!

These Web Stories are not being shown yet on a wide-scale basis in the Google search results. You must have seen these types of stories before they were originally on Instagram, Facebook, and they’re on YouTube as well.

Let’s have a look at how these Web Stories will look on Google search results!

For now, these Web Story appearances will only work on a mobile device by the way, and will not show in the normal search engine results on the desktop.

When you start scrolling the Google discover app, you will get to see a different section called stories, where you will see different stories related to food, fashion, lifestyle, news, celebrity, and so on.

The moment when you started going through stories together by clicking one of them. You can see it’s a very immersive experience and you have basically an image or may have a video and some text overlaid on it.

You’re allowed to have one link per slide. However, if you’re into affiliate marketing, we do not recommend using more than one affiliate link for the entire story.

So as you click on the first slide, it will switch to the next slide and on top of the slide, you can see ever so faintly if it’s going automatically. You will see a time continue to be taken up before it goes.

Basically, you need to click through all slides just like you see in the video below. This process can be automated by turning slides into auto-advance mode.

In all of these slides, you’re getting an image and you’re getting a bit of text.

Google recommends for these Web Stories that they are a minimum of four to five slides up to about 30 slides or so.

Google has also released Web Stories guidelines for these stories.

Creating a Web Story is just so easy. You just need to download the plugin for creating Web Stories in WordPress.

I have created many Web Stories using the MakeStories plugin for WordPress. Below you can see how appealing and engaging my Web Story did look.

So firstly, you have to create your MakeStories user account and download the MakeStories plugin from here in the WordPress org.

Once you download the plugin, you have to activate that plugin. After all this download and activation process, you need to connect your MakeStories account to your WordPress website.

The moment you connect your account, you will see a text that says, “Please Login to your MakeStories Dashboard”, and there you go!

For the complete guide on the Installation and setup of the MakeStories plugin, click here to read this article.

Now let’s have a look at how much time does it take to build a web story? To know in-depth about this guide, please read the article here.

But should you ever spend your time doing this?

Well, it depends. If the source text, images, and videos we show in web stories are made up of low-resolutions, rather than high-quality resolution elements, the answer is more likely to be “NO”.

On the other hand, if visually rich and appealing content is shown in the web stories, the answer is more likely to be “YES”.

The situation will be different in both cases. Because element placements in Google web stories will significantly increase traffic on your website.

Your target audience is more likely to feel attracted to the visual presentation of your brand. This is because web stories will lend themselves to quality visual content.

There’s a lot of buzz going around about Google web stories. Some might be good and some might be a little horrible.

  • It takes a lot of efforts
  • It has free form assembly of different pages that going to add a lot of extra work to build a single web story


Web Stories are worth taking a chance to get a better brand exposure organically. Yes! This is one of the major benefits one can get from.

Web stories are like one more thing to add to your to-do list, while you’re looking forward to getting more exposure.

It’s a great way to gain organic traffic by pull up your CTR – click-through rate of your brand. So web stories are worth giving a try, after all, Google does prioritize organic traffic over paid traffic.

These Web Stories are another way to distribute your content on Google.

People gain more than 15k+ new clicks to their site from just one google Story! But make sure, you must have created an exclusive appealing web story that does follows SEO best practices with creative designing skills.

Google Web Stories help your site or brand or product or anything related to rank higher in the overall google search results. This initially leads to great SEO engagement and good ROI to your brand.

They are another way to grow traffic to your website and help build your business.

Google has already put so much effort and hard work into Web Stories, so it’s entirely possible that it will push more intensively and harder in the future to make Web Stories more successful and huge on the open web.

With its large plugin marketplace, WordPress provides great opportunities for web creators and web developers to enjoy the story format and explore the new tools for creating Web Stories.

Google Web Stories and the format they represent is a novel way to showcase your brand on an open web. It will help you present information in a user-friendly way.

If you’re still in doubt, Just give Web Stories a try by using MakeStories Plugin and see if it’s worth the effort for your own brand and services.

You can even check complete procedures and guidance on the complete guide to Web Stories on WordPress using the makeStories plugin.

This guide will help you to understand the worth of building web stories using the MakeStories plugin.

So don’t miss out on this amazing opportunity to get your content seen!

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